Thursday, April 23, 2009


Lost Cloud, New York, 1937, Andre Kertesz

From a conversation yesterday between me and my 8 year old son Zane:

Z: What did you just take a picture of?

B: That cloud up there.

Z: But what's so special about that cloud?

B: It doesn't look like any other cloud. That cloud is going to disappear and no other cloud will ever be like it.

Z: But there are thousands of clouds. Another one will come along as soon as that one disappears and you could photograph it instead.

B: It wouldn't be the same cloud.

Z: So that one is different? What does it look like that makes you want to take its picture?

B: It looks like itself. Make sense?

Z: Not really. Can we go to practice now?


ztdavis said...

I love learning about other people named Zane!

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