Monday, April 20, 2009

Web guide 4.20

Ever wonder what happened to the great tradition of French street photography? This question and many others are explored on Nick Turpin's new blog sevensevennine. The site should appeal to all photographers but street junkies in particular should bookmark it. The Anatomy of a Street Photograph video nuggets alone are worth the link.

Nick Turpin picks up the French street torch in
Gare de Lyon-Perrache, Lyon, France

Speaking of street stuff, Turpin's In-Public cohort Nils Jorgensen was recently profiled in the rotating gallery at Too Much Chocolate, which follows a novel method of curating/sequencing. Each week a new photographer is selected and interviewed by the previous week's photographer. It makes for a wonderfully unpredictable sequence of thoughts and images.

A recent photo by Zé Nogueira,
currently profiled on Too Much Chocolate

Portland photographer Lisa Gidley has been running The Daily Thing for a few months now offering a wide variety of cultural tschockes, one per day. Subjects run the gamut with an emphasis on photography, music videos, and web games. Gidley knows you're busy so she keeps the blurbs short and sweet.

CBGB's bathroom, from Lisa Gidley's The Daily Thing April 17, 2009

Finally, Guy Swanson has set up a Twitter feed for photography related happenings in Portland. The biggie for this week is Photolucida. A schedule of events can be found here, but you knew that.

Photolucida puts the kleiglights on Portland this week

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