Thursday, April 16, 2009

The Tate's six typologies of urban photography

1. Blind

Blind Woman, New York, 1916, Paul Strand

2. Photographers at Work

Diane Arbus, Central Park, NY, 1969, Garry Winogrand

3. Fear of the Other

Transvestite in a Police Van, 1941, Weegee

4. Peeping and Posing

Vienna Workshop, 1921, Madame d'Ora

5. City Sleepers

from the series Sleepers, 1999 - 2006, Francis Alÿs

6. Portraits of Pride

Bikram, 2007, Sunil Gupta

—from Street and Studio: An Urban History of Photography (Tate Publishing, 2008)

Settle down now. I'm sure you all have your own urban typologies which are different than these. No need to holler them out. This is just one way of categorizing things which I found interesting. Nothing more, nothing less, but maybe something to consider the next time you're out shooting.

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