Monday, March 30, 2009

Coming soon to a valley near you

Attention Oregon photographers, if the recent Mike Mandel interview in Lay Flat has rekindled your interest in 1977's Evidence, you might want to check out co-author Larry Sultan's lecture April 14th at the University of Oregon. Although his place in history is secure as the author of one of the seminal books of our generation, Sultan's career since then has been just as active and interesting, and this talk promises to be dynamite. You've got two weeks to fit it into your plans, starting now.

Boxers, Mission Hills, 1999
from The Valley by Larry Sultan

Helen Levitt Followup: My post yesterday was merely the tip of the iceberg as the internet was all abuzz over Levitt's death. Most tributes were short and sweet. The one that caught my eye was the email from Powerhouse Books which followed a brief recap of her life with hyperlinks to purchase her books (published by Powerhouse). A shame she's passed but now you can buy a piece of history, and if you order today we'll put a pen in her stiff hand and try to mimic her signature on the title page! I don't know, maybe their announcement was perfectly innocent but to me it seemed opportunistic.

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