Saturday, March 21, 2009

What To Do #20

What To Do? is a weekly installment of unpublished b/w photos from my archives. This week's photos have sentimental value. These are three interior views of my Suzuki Sidekick which I bought new in 1993 and drove over 15 years and 170,000 miles before finally selling it last week. I wish everything I own, cameras included, could be as reliable as that car was.

58. Newspace, Portland, 2005

59. TBI, Eugene, 2008

60. SE 39th and Division, Portland, 2005

Here they are as a panoramic triptych:

More interior shots of my Suzuki and various other vehicles can be found here.


Mauro Thon Giudici said...

You got me. I just love this vehicle. My own is 20 years old and works without a charm.

plechl said...

those "driver's seat" snaps are a nice collection. the shot of the kid on the windshield and the guy carrying the car door are my faves. Specially the kid. Eerily, many of these shots of Portland capture what I FEEL when I'm in that city. Maybe it's something about gazing through wet and steamy glass all the time?