Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Quiz #11

"The trout streams where I flyfish are cold and clear and rich in the minerals that promote the growth of stream life. As I wade a stream I think wordlessly of where to cast the fly. Sometimes a difference of inches is the difference between catching a fish and not. When the fly I've cast is on the water my attention is riveted to it. I've found through experience that whenever —or so it seems— my attention wanders or I look away then surely a fish will rise to the fly and I will be too late setting the hook. I watch the fly calmly and attentively so that when the fish strikes —I strike. Then the line tightens, the playing of the fish begins, and time stands still. Fishing... is an art that calls forth intelligence, concentration, and delicacy."

The excerpt above is from a famous photography book. A free print goes to the first person to correctly identify the book.


Matthew Gamber said...
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Anonymous said...

Stephen Shore
'Uncommon Places'

Blake Andrews said...

Uncommon Places is correct. Congrats to Matthew Gamber, the first person to respond (via email).