Monday, March 30, 2009

RIP Helen Levitt

Last night the decisive moment finally arrived for one of the all time great street photographers. This might be a good time to take one of her monographs down from your shelf and spend a while looking over the legacy of this remarkable woman. For someone who often operated without a net, an amazing number of her shots hit nothing but net.

No net. Nothing but net...Helen Levitt


wolf said...

Anyone who doesn't have one of Helen Levitt's books should go out and buy the last monograph, from powerhouse--it's an unbeatable collection of her color and black and white work.

Since I was a teenager, her images have subconsciously affected how I see fleeting moments on the street and elsewhere. They are true classics, such a blend of reality and poetry. In fact her images are so strong and personal, they often make me wonder if they are distant memories of my own.

It seems that a lot of great photographers are making it into their 90's--has there been a study on whether daily shooting can increase your lifespan?

Blake Andrews said...

Wait a minute, if your memories are her memories then that can only mean that...You're Helen Levitt?!

I think there must be something in those darkroom fumes that leads to longevity.

SR said...

recommend checking the slide show at :