Tuesday, June 22, 2010

The (PLURAL NOUN) have spoken

I enjoy checking in occasionally with The Photography Post. It's great to have such a large assortment of photo related blogs in one easy-to-browse central location. But unfortunately B isn't among them. Worse, there is a decided lack of absurdity or pranksterism among the listed blogs.

I've written to editor Rachel Hulin asking her to remedy this, or at least offer guidance about what they are looking for. So far I've gotten no response. I needn't remind you, gentle reader, that this situation has complicated my plans for world conquest.

So I am turning to you. Perhaps if The Photography Post gets enough requests from readers, they will consider adding B. Won't you please help by writing today?

To make things easier I've set up a prefabricated note. All you need to do is replace the (ALL-CAPS) blanks with your own words, Mad-Lib style then send it to TPP. For maximum effect, it's important that you ignore the surrounding context when filling in ALL-CAPS blanks. One method is to read the clues aloud to someone else who can't see the note. Or you can do it solo by just focusing on the clues and mentally blocking out the note. Absurdity is encouraged.

Dear Photography Post,

As a regular reader of The Photography Post, I am requesting that you add B to TPP's list of photoblogs.

I have been reading B since (YEAR). I read it in the morning, in the (PERIOD OF DAY), or sometimes when I'm just hanging out eating a (FOOD ITEM) on the (ITEM OF FURNITURE). In fact I enjoy reading B so much I practically (VERB) my (ITEM OF CLOTHING) every time I read it. And I'm not alone. My friends (FAMOUS LIVING ARTIST) and (TALK SHOW HOST) read B too, at least once every (TIME PERIOD).

To me, B is the (MID-TIER PGA GOLFER) of photoblogs, ranking far ahead of (LETTER OF THE ALPHABET) or (LETTER OF THE ALPHABET). It can no longer be ignored, and its quest for (STATE or PROVINCE) domination is a foregone conclusion. Why would you want to stand on the (POSITION) side of history?

For all these reasons, and because of (ART MOVEMENT), I hope you will consider adding B to The Photography Post listings so that all the (SUBSET OF HUMANITY) in (GEOGRAPHIC REGION) can enjoy it as much as I have.

Thank You,


Once you've filled in all the blanks and have your note completed, email it to The Photography Post. Or for even better results, you can print out the note and send it snail mail:

The Photography Post
P.O. Box #150026
Brooklyn, NY 11215

If you have a particularly wacky note, please email it to me. I will publish the best one in a future blog post and reward you with the usual prize: a free print.


Hernan Zenteno said...

you are indirectly inside The Photography Post thru the Photo editor. See below at the left side.

Anonymous said...

What the (PASSIVE VERB) is "B"?

Teh internets have spoken.

Jin said...

I'm not there either. Commiseration!

Blake Andrews said...

Oh well, I'm still not listed either. Not sure what the (PEJORATIVE INTERJECTION) is going on. I'll write an email on your behalf if you want, Jin.