Tuesday, June 8, 2010

The Finals

Fifth Round polling has closed. Garry Winogrand defeated Henri Cartier-Bresson (104 - 92), and Robert Frank defeated William Eggleston (112 - 77). Here's the bracket as of this morning:

It's interesting to compare this bracket to early predictions. Here are David Solomons' odds given May 4th, the first day of the tournament.

Winogrand: 7/2F
Eggleston: 4/1
Cartier-Bresson: 11/2
Robert Frank: 8/1
Friedlander: 15/1
Ray-Jones: 20/1
Webb: 20/1
Gilden: 20/1
Levitt: 25/1
Erwitt: 25/1
Meyerowitz: 25/1
Koudelka: 25/1
Arbus: 33/1
Parr: 50/1

He correctly picked the top four, although not in order. I would've probably guessed similarly. It was surprising to see Tony Ray-Jones especially go down so early. And, alas, Levitt.

But now we are down to two, probably the two most influential street photographers in history. It's Frank v. Winogrand for the heavyweight title.

The poll is in the right sidebar. It will be up for 10 days. I'll announce a winner June 19th.

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Anonymous said...

I'm finding it very difficult to choose between Frank and Winogrand. Let me mull it over for a day or two..