Saturday, June 5, 2010

Ninety-eight rolls of film on the wall, ninety-eight rolls of film...

Take one down, pass it around, ninety-seven rolls of...

I'm back home. The last week was pretty intense. I think I'm ready to take a break from photographing for a little while, at least until Monday anyway. Maybe I'll start blogging again.

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Unknown said...

Hey Blake, keep your spirits up, man :-)
I returned from a 9 days trips to Dresden, Karlsbad and Prague a week ago and brought 55 rolls of exposed 120 film home. Good news: I am already finished with the wet developing and am scanning. But that will take another 50 hours scanning time (est.).
And I am leaving for a 4 days trip to the island of Malta in 3 days, so I'll bring a few new exposed film rolls home . . . a continous process, I hope. The following trip in 9 days from today (Berlin, Mannheim and Darmstadt) will bring even more exposed film rolls . . . with a week of Lomogrpahy in Vienna only a monts away from that. So what? Life is good!
Best wishes, I enjoy your blog, Carsten