Thursday, December 1, 2011

Political Song for Michael Jackson to Sing

"I've always thought the subject comes first and then the technique second. Women are why Tichy takes his walks with his camera. They're like his mountains his cartoons his squares his zips his dots. Portraits would be the simplest description. His mind is made up. He doesn't have to think about what to take. He already knows what it will look like. That kind of knowledge can be very satisfying."

—Richard Prince on Miroslav Tichy.

"I've always felt that this matter has first and second techniques. Tichy is wearing a camera or his wife. This cartoon squares that dot the mountains zip. Photos of the simplest, is described. It is mind. This is not to think about. Now, as you know. Such knowledge can be very satisfactory."

—The above statement Google-translated from English to Greek to Azerbaijani to Icelandic to English.

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