Friday, December 30, 2011

52 from 2011

1. Bryan's sink

2. Denver Airport

3. Augusta, Maine

4. Redwood National Park

5. SE 10th and Clay, Portland

6. Jonah Wolf

7. Trees of Mystery

8. NW 6th and Davis, Portland

9. Oregon Zoo

10. W Burnside, Portland

11. Emmett / Willamette

12. Vancouver, BC

13. NW 10th and Everett, Portland

14. Zane

15. Boy Scout Jamboree

16. No idea where

17. Matt Court

18. OMSI

19. Hilyard St., Eugene

20. Portland Saturday Market

21. Skowhegan, Maine

22. I-205 Tunnel near Gateway

23. On the way to a violin lesson

24. SW 2nd and Alder, Portland

25. SW 5th and Stark, Portland

26. Deschutes River

27. SW 6th and Morrison, Portland

28. Autzen Stadium footbridge

29. Sam and Jack, Maine

30. PDX Airport

31. Powell's

32. Quebec City

33. Arcata, CA

34. Tugman Park, Eugene

35. Broken finger

36. SW Park and Washington, Portland

37. W Amazon Dr., Eugene

38. SW 10th and Alder, Portland

39. Putters, Eugene

40. Bus Mall, Eugene

41. Alton Baker Park, Eugene

42. Pioneer Courthouse Square, Portland

43. San Francisco

44. Oak St., Eugene

45. Maine

46. Convention Center, Portland

47. Vancouver, BC

48. Alley behind Turtle's, Eugene

49. Monster Dash

50. Sunset Bay

51. Arcata, CA

52. Kesey's Magic Bus


GSB said...

Amazing. Really. What lens were you shooting most of these with? I'm learning.

akk said...

GSB: This is probably a 40mm lens, but most importantly it was made by Leica. Those German lenses sure help with framing and timing your shots better!
Sorry, couldn't help myself.

I like most of them but prefer 4,14,19,26,44. Happy new year B.

Lencook said...

What an astounding and fabulous collection.
The images display an acutely photographic vision that I admire enormously.
Thanks for sharing.

Blake Andrews said...

AKK nailed it. 40 mm lens.

Lenses aren't very important but I find mine to be an aid in framing photos because the camera body only has framelines for 35 and 50 mm, so I am always guessing a bit about where the edges will be. Guaranteed uncertainty.

Zisis Kardianos said...

The year wasn't a waste after all. I haven't seen new photos from you Blake for a while and this was definitely very rewarding. I will return to them again but for first impression I declare #18 the best new photo I've seen this year. Amazing!
I was also mesmerized by 4,10,14,11,17,19,21. They succeed in creating a "first doubt" effect very strong and lasting.

akk said...

Zisis is right about 18. I probably missed a few others as well because I'm currently busy comparing camera sensors at dxomark.

George LeChat said...

Are you really taking violin lessons?

Marilyn Andrews said...

I like #51

Blake Andrews said...

My son is the one taking violin lessons.

Thanks to everyone who took the time to look carefully at these. The "first doubt" effect referred to by Zisis is something I explored a lot in 2011.

Nils Jorgensen said...


Federico said...

My picks: 4,16,18,26,28,31,33,41 (these last two my favorite). And because of its Friendlanderesqueness (which I am biased for) 52.

Ben said...

All good but 18 and 26 are the ones I wish I had taken. Especially 18. Happy New Year!

Patrick Robert James said...

I wish you would post your photographs more often Blake. I enjoy looking at them.

jacques philippe said...

I like the fact that looking at most these photographs I can say to myself they're undoubtedly Blake Andrew's photographs. Happy New year to everyone.

Phill said...

Nice stuff Blake. Good to see some of your images

Unknown said...

15, 17!, 18, 21, 24, 26!, 33!, 34 (was 34 meant to be a continuation of 33?) 36!, 37, 40, 41, 42!, 43, 46, 48, 51

You're my all-time favorite photographer.

Anonymous said...

26 is awesome, even with the "sprig".

Blake Andrews said...

I appreciate the comments and wanted to add a bit of background. 52 isn't an accidental number. Besides being the number of weeks in a year and cards in a deck (been there done that) it's my normal portfolio size. Every month I winnow my recent workprints into a carefully sequenced selection of 52 favorites which I share with my local photo club. I think of it as a book of photos but in unbound form.

52 is too many for most people to deal with and not enough for some, but for me it's a happy medium. Most importantly it's a firm number to shoot for. Otherwise I'd wind up bringing 500 or something. So I gave my monthly treatment to the whole year.

Driver8 said...

26 and 48!

Driver8 said...

Sorry, I meant 26 and 47...

Simone said...

No 4 is extremely beautiful, and No 48 is another excellent photograph (very well thought out).