Tuesday, December 27, 2011

The eighth night

I have candles on the brain. Seems I've been staring at them all week. Oh well, tomorrow offers respite.

Hiroshi Sugimoto had the same fixation. To make each of the images below he lit a candle, opened the windows of his home, opened his camera shutter, and let the let the wind and flame mingle. Several hours later he closed the shutter. The resulting images, from Sugimoto's 1998 series In Praise of Shadows, show that candles are a bit like snowflakes or movie theaters or holidays. No two flames are exactly the same.


Chris said...

How much do I love Sugimoto? His new Lightning Field works are outstanding in a similar way.

David said...

I went to see his lightning fields exhibition here in Edinburgh. I was ready to show disdain for something that was no more than what chance had recorded.

Instead, I found myself tracing the little threads of semi-extinguished life in his photographs and seeing how they looked like rivers or twigs or even little insects or even people.