Sunday, October 25, 2009


Last night I finished reading The Photographer. What an original work! I think it must be the only book to combine contact sheets with illustrations in graphic novel format. Initially I was drawn to it because the protagonist is a photographer, but as it turned out photography is only a sidelight in the story. It's mainly a travelogue and cultural exposé about Afghanistan in the late 1980s when the Soviet Union was trapped in a situation very similar to the current U.S. position. Highly recommended for photographers, comics enthusiasts, and armchair geostrategists.


Sean said...

Hey! This sounds excellent!

A few years ago a friend and I produced a book in a slightly similar way, some of which you can see here:

Perhaps Duane Michals produced illustrations and photography in a similar, joined, manner. Not a huge step from some of his comic-strip photographic anyway.

Best, Sean.

Stan B. said...

Are you familiar with Joe Sacco's work?

Blake Andrews said...

Sacco is one of the best, and a former Portlander too. I don't think he, Michals, or the Love-Come-Take-Me book has done quite what The Photographer does with its mix of drawing and contacts.