Sunday, October 11, 2009

For Sale: Enlarger

An email offer I recently received, with the phrase "exhibition print" substituted for the word "penis":

You are not satisfied with the size of your exhibition prints?

You are shy to get acquainted with the girl of your dream? We know how to help you. Using MaxGentleman exhibition print enlargement pills will help you to overcome all your fears and to gain the new life that you have never had before.

Choose your personal exhibition print enlargement program at exhibition print shop and live the 100% full life. Taking our magic pills during a 6 month period your exhibition print will become up to 3 inches longer. It will gain the size and will help you to forget about the problems of exhibition print erection. Our pills were tested by thousands of people throughout the world and you are welcome to read their positive feedbacks at exhibition print shop. Besides that, some of the things that differ our pills from others that are being advertised in the internet are:
• 100% Herbal, 100% Safe
• Pills are doctor Approved and Recommended!
• The only Exhibition Print Enlargement pill PROVEN in clinical trials
• No Expensive Doctor Visit Required

Buying your MaxGentleman course for $199.95 now you get 3 FREE Bottles Of MaxGentleman pills. We guarantee the 100% confidentiality.

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Anonymous said...

jajaja genial!