Monday, October 26, 2009

Recent Developments

The Vivian Maier saga continues. For more information and backstory (including some Maier color work) look here, here, and here.

Earlier in October I speculated about how and when the Source List of Ten Photography Blogs You Should Read might be completed. I knew I should've put money on number ten having a beard and glasses.

In July I complained about the lack of negative photography criticism on the web. Dalton Rooney recently found a good supply of negative takes from an unexpected source.

In May I ran Stephen Shore's photographs with their modern day Google Street View equivalents. Turns out there is a wider project comparing Google Street View shots to a variety of historic images from Flickr Commons. It's primarily focused on Australia for now but that should expand.

In March I made the decision to dump this idea. I've since reconsidered that decision, which will probably turn out to be a bad move. Stay tuned for further developments.

In February I recounted my experience applying for a new passport. Although we didn't make it out of the country last summer I did use the passport —with terrorist haircut— as ID without incident. Here are passport photos for the rest of the family:

In January I wrote that I'd gained access to a local color darkroom and was cranking out prints. Sadly, the darkroom was torn down over the summer. The good news is that my basement has become the "long term storage" location for all that obsolete equipment. I'm currently hunting around for a good place to set it up.


retoque fotografico said...

A great series of passport portrait photos! Remind me of Warhol`s series of polaroid photographs.

Chris said...

Blake, you might want to approach the University of Oregon Craft Center about converting one of their rooms to a color room. I know that a color darkroom has considerations beyond a basic black and white darkroom, but they do have six spaces that are currently under-utilized.