Friday, October 23, 2009

The many faces of George Kelly

Speaking of photographers being overlooked because they have no web presence, George Kelly in Portland has been plugging away at his street work. He shoots film. He makes prints in his home darkroom. Once in a while he has a show, but for the most part his photos don't get very far out into the world. That's a crime.

Party, Norman Mailer's 50th Birthday, New York, 1973
Garry Winogrand

Facial expression is a consistent theme in George's photos. He is a master of capturing odd faces, and his photographs leverage that facet to give them interior power. It's the same tool Winogrand used to pull viewers into his photos, culminating in Public Relations which is still the bible of street facial expressions. Like Winogrand, George builds his photographs from the inside out, starting inside someone's head which we read through the face then letting the rest of the image work around that fact.

Here is a sampling from the past few years:


K. Praslowicz said...

He's got some fantastic work. The image of the man on the stretcher is captivating.

Gary said...

How is it I never ran into George Kelly in Portland? He must frequent Blue Moon Camera if he is shooting pinhole. And must know Faulkner if he's shooting the grid project? And the streets are slim pickings for street photography in Portland. Hmph! Well, I missed you.

Blake Andrews said...

He walks the streets of Portland everyday but you won't see him. He's invisible.