Thursday, October 1, 2009

Invitation to a mixer

For a while now I've been hunting around for ways to make this blog pay for itself. I don't expect to cover all my costs but if I can just recoup some of my time and expenses I will be happy. Over the past few months I've approached a variety of photo-related businesses to see if they might be interested in a partnership. All of my overtures were rejected.

That's the bad news. The good news is that after casting my net just a bit wider, I have arranged a sponsorship that I know my regular readers will appreciate. Beginning today, when you buy a Euro-Pro EP585 Hand/Stand Mixer from, a small portion of the proceeds will be funneled to me.

The Euro-Pro EP585 is what we use in our home. Never had a problem. It's white. It has black buttons. It goes bbbbrrrrrrmmmm. It looks great on any kitchen counter.

If you are in the market for a mixer please consider buying a Euro-Pro through B. There is no extra expense. You get what you would've bought anyway. You make a little dough. B makes a little dough. It's win-win. Even if you aren't looking for a mixer but just want to support the blog, every purchase helps.

I know some readers may view this as selling out. I want to emphasize that nothing could be further from the truth. I will continue to write about photography the way I always have. The only change is that very occasionally I may throw in a related commentary on food mixers. I know what you're thinking and you needn't worry. I plan to write impartially about all mixers, not just the EP585.

To support B, just click the advertisement at the bottom of the right-hand column on this page. When you reach the checkout page be sure to type promotional code B87-2238 in the comments field. Thanks!


dalton said...

I bet you will sell more of them if you give us some tips on how to use it. Maybe intersperse your photography related posts with recipes for pizza dough.

For example: can you get a meat-grinding attachment for this one? Now that's what I need.

Anonymous said...

that's hilarious.

Brian said...

Wait, does this new sponsorship mean you're no longer selling Grit Magazine?

Blake Andrews said...

Sadly I've had to terminate my partnership with Grit but I think that will turn out to be a good thing. The blog demographic has been trending more Euro than Country lately, so I suspect the mixer will appeal to more readers than Grit.