Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Quiz #16: Photographic Google Trends

I am fascinated by Google Trends. Type any word or phrase into Google Trends and it will plot the Google search volume for that word over time (GT also tracks news reference volume, but I'll ignore that for the purpose of this post). For example here is the Google Trends graph for the word "flowers":

There are two spikes every year, right around Valentine's Day and Mother's Day, then a dip every winter just after Christmas when folks toss out their holiday bouquets. Between Valentine's Day and Mother's Day is a small peak which changes location from year to year. That is Easter with its variable date.

The flowers index is a good example of the fact that every Google Trends graph is unique. Each one is a visual fingerprint specifically matched to one and only one search phrase. In many cases the graphs provide enough clues that someone could guess the search phrase from just the fingerprint. Or could they?

Below are twelve graphs showing Google search volume for phrases (one or two words) related to photography. Your challenge is to identify as many of the phrases as possible. You can check your answers by running them through Google Trends to see if they return the right graphs. The person who first correctly identifies the most correct answers receives 1) a free print, 2) a special photo-related surprise, and 3) everlasting glory (warning: individual experiences with glory may vary). Good luck!














dalton said...

Good one. This is going to be tough.

I'll start with #7 - looks like Kodak to me.

alkos said...

nr 10 - Henri Cartier-Bresson

Blake Andrews said...

Well done so far! Two down ten to go.

alkos said...

7 - Polaroid (does not match 100%, but close enough ;)

wolf said...

boy I thought I couldn't possibly waste more time than on the 10 pixel enlargement quiz--

looks like 'leica' is #8 and 'photography' shares some dna with #6, but is not a match

Blake Andrews said...

#8 is indeed Leica.

#7 is not Polaroid. Remember, fingerprints are specific. When you get an exact match you will know.

alkos said...

Yep, just realised "coolpix" "cybershot" and "powershot" are as close as "polaroid"... will keep trying ;-)

Jin said...

9 looks like Edgar Martins to me.

Jin said...

And 2 is "portrait".

Geezus, what the heck is 5?!

Jin said...

similarly, 1 = landscape

Jin said...

4 - nan goldin?

Blake Andrews said...

Jin, you're on fire! All four answers correct.

Anonymous said...

#6 looks like atrial fibrillation...... factual but joking.....

Blake Andrews said...

Comments have stopped coming in for a few days so I'm officially declaring an end to the quiz, with Jin the winner. Jin, please email me your mailing address and I'll put your prizes in the mail.

Here are the answers:

1. Landscape
2. Portrait
3. Fotofest
4. Nan Goldin
5. John Szarkowski
6. Snapshot
7. Kodak
8. Leica
9. Edgar Martins
10. Henri Cartier-Bresson
11. Lumix
12. Walker Evans