Monday, June 20, 2011

Theatre Is The Life Of You

Various found marquee poems:

Broadway Theatre, Portland, 2011

Bijou Theatre, Eugene, 2010

Mission Theatre, Portland, 2010

Bijou Theatre, Eugene, 2010

St. Johns Theatre, Portland, 2010

Broadway Theatre, Portland, 2009

Cinemagic Theatre, Portland, 2009

Cineplex, Portland, ME, 2005

Cinemagic Theatre, Portland, 2005

Joy Theatre, Tigard, OR, 2003


Joe said...

I'll see your Minutemen reference with one from The Fall: Marquis Cha Cha!

Blake Andrews said...

Hmm, good one.

I'm not sure where I'm going with this Minutemen thing. I'll try to keep using song titles for posts as long as they make sense. It's been over a week so far. I think I can stretch it to a month.

Anonymous said...

Enjoyable series. I love the last pic ("Joy") which I find has a Robert Franck feel (or maybe Evans depending on the context).

"Letters of Marquee" could have been an appropriate title. It is a tune title too and refers to some old admiralty procedure.