Sunday, June 12, 2011

Hello gravitas

If you're like me, you love your digital point-n-shoot. It fits in a pocket, goes anywhere, and takes great photos. There's only one problem. Most of the point-n-shoots out there are too featherweight. A sudden gust of wind or a mistimed exhale can cause camera shake. For someone transitioning from the world of solid, heavy duty film bodies, the change can be disconcerting.

Introducing The Rock ®.

The Rock ® attaches to any tripod mount

The Rock ® attaches conveniently to the tripod mount of your point-n-shoot. Once installed the rock stays below the field of vision. You'll barely notice it's there. But your camera now has the weight and stability of a pro DSLR. Say goodbye to camera shake and hello to gravitas as your photography improves immediately.

The Rock ® Granite 14 oz. model

The Rock ® comes in a variety of shapes, colors, and sizes to match most cameras. It fits in any pocket and it even comes with a convenient leather carrying pouch to hang on your belt.

Do you live in a theft prone neighborhood? With The Rock ® attached you can make your camera theft-resistant by just turning it upside down. Watch in amazement as your camera becomes disguised as a simple rock. Who would steal that?

The Rock ®'s production facility in Arkansas' capital

But watch out. The Rock ® may be theft-proof but your friends and family will be asking to borrow it, especially after they see your improved photos. You may want to order several just in case. Give them away as party favors. Paint them. Skip them across a lake. Plug the end into a pencil sharpener. The Rock ®'s possibilities are endless. Once you start using one you'll wonder how you ever lived without it.


Anonymous said...

I'll wait for the Rock Mark IV comes out.
As we all know, it will have all of the features intentionally left out of the original Rock and will have a name signifying high class and intelligence.

Blake Andrews said...

The only problem with the Rock Mark IV is that it's decidedly lighter than the original. Luckily it comes with tripod hole to attach The Rock for stability.

Anonymous said...

And for heavy DSLRs, may I suggest:
"The Balloon ®"
Helium inflated, ready to be attached to the hot shoe, to relieve the pains of carrying heavy gear during hours of street shooting.
Comes in different colors and shapes (hello-kitty-face is one of all time favorites).