Monday, June 13, 2011

The Big Foist

This (via Conscientious) is probably the best essay I've read about Google Street View in the context of the photo world. Well worth reading.

Written by Wayne Bremser in San Francisco, It's Never Summer sets up in the grey area between linking and blogging. Built on a Tumblr platform, many posts are simple retags of existing photos. I know I came down hard on that method last week. But INS also has a healthy dose of very original writing, e.g. the Google Street View essay. I've been enjoying going through the archives since discovering the site last week. If the call is for photographers to write more, Mr. Bremser is pulling his weight. He's a fine thinker and clear writer.

So maybe the tumblr/blog mix is the way of the future? Who knows. In any case, I think it works. I'm impressed enough to award Bremser with B's Life Also Ran award, which recognizes fine writing in the blog-o-sphere done in a non-commercial spirit by non-Life-award-winning non-teams of writers.

How do you get one of these? Easy. If your blog fits the description above, you qualify. Feel free to copy and paste the Life Also Ran graphic onto your site, drink a nice cool one, and give yourself a pat on the award-winning back. Hooray for the also rans!

Disclaimer: this award is not sponsored by Life, and may in fact incur their disapproval.


Frank Nachtman said...

I'm fucking overwhelmed!

Blake Andrews said...

A richer understanding of what's already understood. No meanings from the here and now. What gift could be a work of art?