Wednesday, June 8, 2011

How I (Learned My Lesson)


/ there are no final prints

/ an arm, a leg, maybe a spleen, but always a corpse of work

/ your audience is, will be, and always were other photographers

/ experiencing time forward doesn’t make the new by necessity better

/ mediations on quality are opinion, fashion, trend, blessing, and canonization

/ it’s quotations all the way down

—Found on James Luckett's Consumptive. Worth batting around, and rebatting.


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Anonymous said...

Went to Luckett's site, and noticed he studied with Don Anton. Don Anton was personally selected by Tom Knight to teach at Humboldt State University, where he has mentored and inspired countless photography students. Anton is part poet, part photographer. Now it is easier to see where Luckett's poem came from!

Zisis Kardianos said...

On these artifacts, I could add...
"the name under the photo is adding a value not inherent in the photo".

g said...

Every word of this is true.