Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Lefty Samurai

Last summer I wrote a brief post about left-handed cameras. At the time the only image I could find of the Yashica Samurai was of the right-handed version. Yesterday I found a photo of the left handed version in, of all places, Hiroh Kikai's Asakusa Portraits. This is a book that just keeps giving and giving. Each time through it there are new discoveries.

Here's the lefty Samurai:

A man who told me he'd finally found a camera he could use with his left hand, 1999, Hiroh Kikai

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Kay said...

There is another (old) camera for the lefthanded photographer:

By today's standards, the camera is inverted konstuiert, as it were, a camera for left-handers. You need to get used to it. Is triggered with the index finger of his left hand, the film is transported through transport lever with his left hand.