Friday, June 12, 2009

Thought you should know

If you own the 2003 version of American Prospects rather than the 1987 original, you're missing these three photographs:

Lake Powell, Arizona, August 1983, Joel Sternfeld

Member of the Christ Family Religious Sect, Hidalgo County, Texas
January 1983, Joel Sternfeld

Tent City, Houston, Texas, January 1983, Joel Sternfeld


Dalton said...

Thanks. I saw the middle one at the "Into the Sunset" show at MoMA last month and was wondering why I had never seen it before. I wonder why they pulled those three images?

shawn said...

But what are the ones that you're gaining? I own the old version myself, but remember a beautiful Hailey, ID picture from that newer version. Ranch house, sprinkler, Budweiser, Sawtooth Mountains...

Blake Andrews said...

I'm not sure why those three in particular got yanked.

I own the 2003 version and it's definitely a better book. Bigger, much better color, and with several new images not in the original. I just thought it was interesting to note how edits change over time, and the potential risk of some images getting lost.

The image that always trip me up is the feedlot cattle shot. It feels so out of place yet strangely perfect. I'm glad he kept it in.