Tuesday, June 23, 2009

The Drawing Quiz, Round Two

It's time for Round Two of the The Drawing Quiz.

Below are twelve drawings from Charles Woodard's book The History of Photography in Pen and Ink, each of which interprets a well known photograph. Your task is to identify the original photographs.

The quiz will be scored progressively. Each correct answer in succession gets an increasing value from 1 to 12. The first correct answer gets 1 point, the next gets 2 points, on up to the last (and presumably the most difficult) which gets 12 points. Points will be tallied after all photographs have been identified or after one week, whichever comes first.

The person with the most points wins a new copy of Hiroshe Watanabe's 2007 monograph Findings.

Please do NOT enter the contest if you have access to the Woodard book. Good luck!














p said...

1. Hobeken, NJ - Robert Frank
10. Normandy Landing - Robert Capa

John said...

1. Hobeken, NJ - Robert Frank
6. Boulevard du Temple -Louis JACQUES MANDE DAGUERRE.
10. Normandy Landing - Robert Capa
11. Self-portrait - Robert Cornelius

Febriyanne Kusuma said...

It looks hilarious, I'll have a try then...

1. Robert Frank - Hoboken
2. August Sander - The Varnisher
3. -
4. Hypolite Bayard - Self-Portrait as a Drowned Man
5. Diane Arbus - Topless Dancer in Her Room Dressing Room
6. -
7. Sebastiao Salgado - A community above Chimborazo / Dorothea Lange - Family (????)
8. -
9. -
10. Normandy Landing - Robert Capa
11. Felix Nadar - Charles Baudelaire / Irving Penn
Man with Pink Face (????)
12. Cindy Sherman - Untitled #48 Film Still

F. Kusuma

Dalton said...

3 - Jacob Riis
8 - Joel Sternfeld

Dalton said...

9 - Alexander Gardner? (Really reaching for this one)

Blake Andrews said...

Good guesses all. The tally so far:

P: 3 points (#1, #10)

John: 3 points (#6)

Febriyanne: 22 points (#2, #4, #5, #12)

Dalton: 27 points (#3, #8, #9)

Two more unsolved clues (#7, #11) are left worth 23 points. Can someone unseat Dalton?

Febriyanne Kusuma said...

I'm totally clueless B. Would you mind give us a clue..?? 8->

Dalton said...

I was up late last night trying to get the last two, but no luck. The closet I could get for number 11 was John C. Calhoun. Not a bad likeness, but I don't think it's a winner.

But in my research, an interesting question arose. Who would win in a fight, Schopenhauer's hair, or Nietzche's moustache?

Blake Andrews said...

Dalton, I'm giving you partial credit and 5 points for #11. It is in fact a portrait of Calhoun but not the one that you linked to.

I'll tack the remaining 6 points onto the last answer (#7). It's worth 18 instead of 12.

Dalton said...

OK, that was going to drive me completely crazy.

#7 is Thomas Struth.

Blake Andrews said...

Congrats, Dalton, on solving #7 and winning the quiz! I had your address at one point but I've lost it. If you email it to me I'll get the Watanabe book out to you.

Gordon Stettinius said...

This is hilarious. I hope to be here next time for it.