Friday, June 19, 2009

Kirkwood's animal farm

I enjoy photographers who can find images in their immediate surroundings rather than in exotic locales or elaborate studio sets. When you live on a farm as Kate Kirkwood does, that might mean photographing the backs of various livestock. Who would guess that such a narrowly focused project could provide the variety that she's found? Below are a few images. You can see more in Gallery II of her website.


sirius said...

Yes, those are really fantastic. She has some fantastic photographs on Flickr. Thanks for the showing this selection.

chuckp said...

It's great that you found Kate's work. I've been admiring her Flickr stream for a while now. Her night shots, particularly those from the car, are well worth a look too.

Aline said...

Great images...Liberto Macarro did a similar series some years ago: