Sunday, January 11, 2009


I'm very pleased to announce that after months of negotiation, I've finally agreed to terms with The Museum of Modern Art. In April they will be showcasing a one-man retrospective of my work at their Western Oregon Field Gallery located inside Wandering Goat Coffee Co. in Eugene's Whiteaker neighborhood. Due to the Field Gallery's limited wallspace the retrospective will be edited down to 12 to 15 prints. In fact MOMA prefers that I don't refer to it as a retrospective, but instead as a theme-based exhibition with specific subject matter to be decided. Actually MOMA would prefer that I don't use the word MOMA at all in the publicity. Their legal representation was quite adamant on that point. I know, I know, they're being really weird about this. I'd call to ask why but the restraining order specifically prohibits any further attempt to contact them. I guess that's just how things work when you reach the big time. It's ok. I get it. Most of the logistical planning for the show falls on my shoulders, so I can understand the museum's reluctance to take credit. That's all right, MOMA. I still love you.

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