Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Buzzy Sullivan isn't bored

If you're ever stuck in a photographic rut, you could try try one of Buzzy Sulllivan's techniques. I don't know much about this guy or even if that's his real name. He lives in Portland. He's inventive. Here are some things he's tried:

"Double exposure of lights and the St. John's bridge taken through the windshield with fuji velvia 100, cross processed with my Diana."

"35 mm homemade pinhole shot. I made the pinhole out of a cereal box, two film canisters, a paper clip, and a soda can. Oh and a lot of electric tape."

My favorite Holga shot with burnt plastic lens. Moving train out of focus. No photoshop."

"Holga half frame I made with cardboard from a film box taped inside. Shoot your roll, get in a darkroom, or car trunk in my case. Roll the film by hand back to the original spool. Flip the cardboard in the camera and shoot the roll again."

"This here is Mr. sewing machine shot with my Nikon f3 with Tmax 3200 through the viewfinder of an Anscoflex."

"This image is two 5x7 prints made from paper negatives shot separately in a quart paint can that I made into pinhole. I crumpled and tore the paper before I loaded it to be shot. The exposures were pretty long as I was shooting paper about the equivalent of asa 4. After I shot the photos I dipped the negatives in developer and pulled them out a few times till I got what I wanted making sure no even development would happen on my watch."

Solargraphy image of 10 days worth of sunrises of a Portland winter from my porch. The dark spots on the left & the blob on the right are water spots where rain water leaked into my pinhole."

"Holga shot with nylons streched inside my camera. no photoshop."

"Photogram with some burnt and oiled plastic, a heart diagram, and a screen printed image of a woman kicking a man's ass on broken glass."

Holgaroid double exposure, on type 80 chocolate polacolor sepia film."


Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing. Some of the ideas he comes up with are out of the world. Who would have thunk to stretch some of the wife's old panty hose inside the camera!
Now outta the box thinking.


Anonymous said...

brings to mind MM= "the medium is the message".....