Saturday, December 13, 2008

Terry Norman Toedtemeier, 1947 - 2008

Terry Toedtemeier by Craig Hickman, 1976

The death of Terry Toedtemeier on Wednesday came as a shock. Born and raised in Portland, Toedtemeier became thoroughly enmeshed in the city's photographic community, first as a founding member of Blue Sky Gallery and later at the Portland Art Museum where he was the curator of photography from 1985 until his death this week. His crowning curatorial achievement, Wild Beauty, is on display at the museum until January 11, 2009. A brief obituary is here, public comments on his life and legacy are here, and some of his photos are here:

From Some Twenty Odd Visions (1978)

From the 80s and 90s

Indian Cove


Tide Sweep, Cape Meares, 2004

From Basalt Exposures (1995)

Owl and Pussy Cat Rocks, 1990

Contraction Fracture, 1994

Recent work

Steam Plume, Hawaii, 2006

Pu'u O'o Crater Vents, Hawaii, 2006

Stone Trees, 2007

Skylight, Hawaii, 2008

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Paul said...

sorry for the loss,seems like he was a great man