Saturday, December 6, 2008

Quiz #7

Quiz #7 is a spinoff of quiz #4. Below are eleven sets of photographers who share the same initials, listed by birth date and birth place. Your task is to identify the photographers. For example if the clue was 1937, Orange, NJ and 1923, NYC, the solution would be Robert Adams and Richard Avedon (both RA). Correctly identify all names and a free print is yours. Good luck. (Please don't submit a response if you've already won a print)

1923, New York, NY
1935, Brandenburg, Germany

1902, Chicago, IL
1916, Zurich, Switzerland

1890, Philadelphia, PA
1923, Lyon, France

1929, Brooklyn, NY
1934, Aberdeen, WA

1922, Brooklyn, NY
1936, Kastoria, Greece

1821, Paisley, Scotland
1955, Leipzig, Germany

1938, Ikeda, Japan
1935, London, England

1903, St. Louis, MO
1939, Memphis, TN

1857, Bordeaux, France
1912, Philadelphia, PA
1933, New Kensington, PA

1948, Baltimore, MD
1950, Philadelphia, PA
1951, Lexington, VA

1864, Hoboken, NJ
1876, Herdorf, Germany
1903, New York, NY
1968, New York, NY
1969, Minneapolis, MN

While we're on topic, here are a few clues to quiz #6, which no one has yet solved:

1. A tool
2. A title
3. Something photo related
4. Something edible
5. A celebrity


Anonymous said...

may I please have a clue for 10b?

Blake Andrews said...

A graduate of Penn State University, his website describes one of his photographs as "the most recognizable photograph in the world today."

Blake Andrews said...

That last clue was by me, Blake Andrews. Not sure why it shows "Contact" for my identity.

Anonymous said...

okay, Blake, I am now an official nerd like you and a handful of your regulars. At first I thought this was a silly waste of time, but then I took the time to do it! And it was kind of fun.

1. Diane Arbus, Dieter Appelt
2. Wynn Bullock, Werner Bischof
3. Man Ray, Marc Riboud
4. Leonard Freed, Lee Friedlander
5. Louis Stettner, Lucas Samaras
6. Alexander Gardner, Andreas Gursky
7. Daido Moriyama, Don McCullin
8. Walker Evans, William Eggleston
9. Eugene Atget, Eve Arnold, Eddie Adams
10. Susan Meiselas, Steve McCurry, Sally Mann
11. Alfred Steigletz, August Sander, Aaron Siskind, Alessandra Sanguinetti, Alec Soth

Blake Andrews said...

I'm glad you had fun, Wolf. Congrats on your correct answer and on becoming an official nerd. I'll get a print to you this week, and not just a silly work print this time.