Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Lesli Larson

Lesli Larson has been part of the Eugene Grid Project from its initial stages last spring. Her shooting process is pretty interesting. Using a twin lens camera, she aims and focuses to create an image on the ground glass. But instead of capturing the image by pushing the twin lens shutter, she uses a small digital camera to snap a photo of the ground glass image.

The effect is uniquely strange. The ground glass lines become part of the image. There is usually heavy vignetting near the edges where light cannot penetrate the viewfinder box. Sometimes the ground glass magnifier becomes part of the image. All in all it's a new twist on the frame-within-a-frame dynamic, and one that seems quite original.

More of Larson's work can be seen on flickr.

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Anonymous said...

i like these more each time look at them. is there going to be a grand finale grid show when all is said and done? or is this an open ended project with lots of mini shows? - plec