Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Blogger profiles profiled

I had fun last week reading Wired's list of favorite photobloggers. I discovered a few sites I wasn't familiar with, and for those I was familiar with, it was nice to match blogs with portraits of the people behind them.

Browsing the profile pictures I was struck by a certain similarity among some of the bloggers. Maybe you notice it too?

Marc Feustel

Tony Fouhse

Joerg Colberg

Bryan Formhals

Jeff Ladd's photo is a clever attempt to throw us off the scent...

Jeff Ladd

but a little sleuthing turns up this shot.

So what is it with male photobloggers and 1) thick framed glasses, 2) gruff thin beard, and 3) short hair? Is it a secret cabal? Did I miss the private email outlining personal grooming habits? Or maybe myopia and three day growth are a natural byproduct of spending long hours in front of a computer. (Believe me, I should know.)

Did Rob Haggart miss the email too? He's got the beard and glasses but the haircut is definitely non-bloggy.

Andy Adams? Same story.

Matt Lutton and M. Scott Brauer made the cabal even with longish hair but we'll let them slide because they're young.

I have to believe St. Ansel would be blogging today if he were still alive, assuming of course he nixed the beard and grew some five o'clock stubble in its place.

Then again, a bushy beard hasn't held back Andrew Hetherington.

Does Michael Stipe have a secret photoblog we don't know about? He looks ready for the part.

Or perhaps Elvis Costello is this year's model?

Maybe Moby?

Meanwhile, those of us who missed the secret email are left to our own devices, at some risk to our personal glamour. For example, here's what can happen when you let a blogger choose his own headgear with no guidance.

As a disclaimer I must say those are prescription goggles. Doctor's orders. The gum too. It's been helping me quit. I've almost got Pranksterism behind me. Just a few more years and I'll have it licked.

Hopefully I don't piss off the entire photo community before then.

In all seriousness, congrats to all the bloggers profiled in Wired and a big shout out to Pete Brook for making it happen. Please keep me in the loop on any future secret emails.


Droid said...

Congratulations Blake on being included on this list. It's a well deserved honour.

I also noticed the similarities in looks, but also in age, gender and ethnicity. There were only two female bloggers (assuming 'Aline' is a woman) and one non-white. I was glad to see at least grey-haired dude representing my demographic.

K. Praslowicz said...

I think it is finally time for me to enact on my long term plan of getting glasses ... and a haircut.

Dalton said...

Here's my pic.

I thought my extra thick nerd glasses might make up for the the shaggy hair, but I guess I didn't quite make it.

(Might have something to do with the fact that I haven't blogged in 6 months, too.)

Glad you were included on the list! B continues to be my favorite photoblog, by a mile and a half.

Andy Adams said...

Amazing! B's got me pegged. Very funny post, Blake ;)

Andrew Blake said...

I thought if you were a photographer you were supposed to hold your camera up to your face and look important in your profile pic.

Tony Fouhse said...

love this. in my case, it's the standard "bald-guy crop".

believe me when i tell you, i'm about the least stylin' guy you'd ever meet.

Anonymous said...

Hilarious pal! Good stuff.

I can confirm that Matt Lutton has considerably shorter hair now as compared tot he flowing locks in that dated image. So he too is conforming.

Blake Andrews said...

I guess some bloggers (including Pete - What do you look like?) were smart not to post portraits in their profiles.

akk said...

good lord blake, I was browsing the list this morning and the exact same thing stroke me as odd!

Anonymous said...

Congrats on making the list Blake, now go and mow your hair.

Timely that you put Michael Stipe on the list; I just picked up a photobook of REM which includes a few shots taken by Michael.

M. Scott Brauer said...

Haha! Guilty as charged.

katie said...

hilarious. what's up with the lack of femme-bloggers!?!

Anonymous said...

That's hilarious!

I confess I notice that when i saw the post about bloggers on rawfile. I thought a minute there was something wrong in the photos...

I'm half a photo-blogger. Got the glasses, but the hair...hmmm.

Anonymous said...

Blake. I've got a hair-do like a tennis ball (a buzz cut 8 weeks old) and a beard fast approaching St. Ansel's standards. No glasses though.

V. Frank said...

I love it! An old timey circle jerk.

Yes. What about the lack of female bloggers mentioned? Pete, want to take that up?

L.Leclair said...

I look forward to reading your witty thoughts on the "look" for female photobloggers.

Blake Andrews said...

Sorry but I learned long ago not to comment on women's appearances.

That said, there are plenty of female photobloggers worth reading. Amy Stein, Rachel Hulin, Liz Kuball, Emily Shur, Elizabeth Avedon, Ellen Rennard, Susana Raab, Aline Smithson, Kate Huchinson, the G Road..the list goes on. Maybe Pete is saving them for another post?

Droid said...

It seems like there's no shortage of female bloggers, just female staffers at Wired!!!

Elizabeth Avedon said...

I Love this post! Congratulations on being included in Wired. Thanks for the shout out and in such good company!

Debra Frieden said...

Photoblogging girls have the geek glasses too! ;-p

Anonymous said...

I wonder what the girls look like! This is pretty funny stuff :D
Analyze the women now! much fun.
Here I am:

Liz Kuball said...

I got my glasses before I knew what all the boys look like: for including me in that list, Blake, and congrats on the Wired mention! Very well deserved.

Anonymous said...

its the league of bald headed men

D.D.Vallejo said...

wow, awesome! all them wear these airs of pseudo-intellectual...:) nice post ;)