Thursday, November 4, 2010

Because It's There

I probably should've mentioned this earlier but I want to thank Jacques Philippe in Boston for conducting and posting an interview earlier this week. I know his questions made me think. Maybe they'll do the same for you? While you're at it, be sure to check out the rest of his informative street-photo based blog, Because It's There. Thanks for the opportunity, Jacques.

The last known photo of George Mallory, 1924, Everest North Ridge, by Noel Odell; Why did Mallory attempt Everest? You know why...


Anonymous said...

... "Because it's there".

Actually that quote that I use for my blog comes from a tune from the late Michael Hedges (American guitarist). He wrote this tune for a movie in tribute to Naomi Uemura, a Japanese adventurer who died in climbing Mt Kinley. So I guess the title was a sort of association with the fate of Mallory.

Thanks Blake.

Lewis Keseburg said...

Oh the days and weeks of horror which I passed in that camp! I had no hope of being rescued, until I saw the green grass coming up by the spring on the hillside, and the wild geese coming to nibble it. The birds were coming back to their breeding grounds, and I felt that I could kill them for food. I also had plenty of tobacco and a good meerschaum pipe, and almost the only solace I enjoyed was smoking. In my weak condition it took me two or three hours every day to get sufficient wood to keep my fire going.