Friday, August 29, 2008


Portland's Camerawork Gallery has just gone online with a new website. For me, the most informative part of the site is an index of past show cards dating all the way back to the gallery's start in 1970. I find these interesting in a few ways. As artifacts from the past they show historical trends in layout, typography, and design, as well as photography. But their real strength is as a body of work. Taken together they provide a wide overview of almost 40 years of the Portland photo scene. What a resource! Thanks, Scott Jones, for putting this together.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks Blake for the review of the website. It was an amazing journey putting it all together and I am still looking for some missing cards. The history though is incredible. We are probably the oldest gallery in the US now which is mind boggling.

I have recently begun putting website links next to exhibitors names in the show schedule section so that visitors can get directed to exhibitors work. Yours of course is included. I might also transfer these links over to the card picture gallery as well so that anyone interested in a specific card can go see more images too.

Thanks again.