Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Post Lumbertown Post

Thanks very much to everyone who bought postcards recently. All orders have been shipped and you should receive them shortly. In the meantime I want to share two special cards given to me last night by Eugene photographer Chris Hoge who found them at a garage sale. I'm guessing they are from the late 1950s or early 1960s. Both show the wonderfully direct and quaint style which I love so much in old postcards. The back of the second one reads:

"EUGENE, OREGON As seen from Skinners Butte, One of the lumber centers of the U.S. and home of the University of Oregon" 

Love it! In photo and caption, these cards perfectly capture the style I was aiming for with my postcard series, although of course I could never make one as good as these.

If anyone else out there has old Eugene postcards I will gladly trade a print in exchange for them.


GSNorby said...

The top card showed up in a Google image search I did on a card that claims to be from Grand Forks, North Dakota... in searching more, I see the same image with different text from at least half a dozen more places. Any information on the back as to who printed them? We're trying to nail down the actual location.

Blake Andrews said...

The back says Curteichcolor 3-D Natural Color Reproductions. Maybe that will help?

The location is so generic it's impossible to locate. It looks like Oregon but it could very well be North Dakota. U.S. 99 has now been bypassed by I-5, so I don't drive it much.

GSNorby said...

Great! Thanks. That may be a good clue to chase down more information.