Thursday, December 13, 2012

Happy Holidays

I have one box of 100 unique work prints ready to ship to the first person to request it(Only U.S. addresses please, and only people who've never received any photos from me previously)

(Update: Although Erin Vermeulen was first to respond, I decided to spread the wealth a bit (and create some space on the shelf) and send 100 unique prints to the first 4 people who emailed. Richard Man, Joel Hashimoto, Paul Webb, and of course Erin, you should all be receiving packages soon. Congrats, and thanks to everyone who emailed. And I've added your information to my spamming database so you should all begin receiving great offers for penis enlargement and Nigerian inheritance recovery schemes)


Anonymous said...


Luc rabaey, Belgium said...

Hi Blake.
I follow you for some years. I would like to exchange one or some photographs. Have a look at and
Take your time.
If ok, you can mail me:
ps having a small gallery, see