Wednesday, December 5, 2012

If I Fell

I'm sure everyone's seen the Doomed photo by now, which made the rounds online yesterday and quickly become the subject of much hand-wringing and controversy.

Photo: R. Umar Abbasi

It showed up on Galata Bridge (a private Tumblr forum specializing in panhandling/commuting conflicts) and we had some fun using it to launch a photo sequence:

Vintage photo from Ampersand archive
Harold Hamilton, Skeleton of sea-elephant, from first Australasian Antarctic Expedition, c. 1911-14
Mitchell Library Collection, State Library of NSW
Brian Finke, from Truckers series, 2012
Andy J. Scott, Anwar's Chains

Stephen Tamiesie
Stephanie Gonot

Anne de VriesMy private party

David Benjamin Sherry, Quantum Light
Letha Wilson, Easter Appalachian Trail, 2010
Kevin Thrasher, from Common Ground series, 2010

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nate parker said...

thanks for making me look at a penis. dick. ha!