Thursday, March 31, 2011

Three links amplified

Last fall I posted a short writeup on forgotten South African photographer Billy Monk. Now Micheal Stevenson Gallery in Cape Town is showing an exhibition of Monk's nightclub photos. It's up for a few more weeks. If you can't make it to the gallery in person, their website features a large selection of Monk photos. They're depraved, energized, possibly misogynist, and definitely worth a look.

The Catacombs, 25 November 1968, Billy Monk

Speaking of candid 60s photos, Nick Turpin has recently published a sampling of early Winogrand color work on 779, with the promise of more to come. Ok, maybe they're not depraved and wild but still pretty tasty nonetheless. Come on, it's friggin Winogrand. Hot dawg!

Garry Winogrand now showing at 779

Finally, the Portland Grid Project website has recently been updated (thanks to David Potter) with thousands of new photos. If you haven't visited the site for a while, everything from 2008 to the present is newly added. I've got about 250 new photos on there, and that's just a drop in the overflowing bucket that is PGP's website, and that bucket is just a tiny speck in the universe of PGP photographs.

G9, 6/08, David Potter


Anonymous said...

Misogyny literally means the 'hatred of women'. I see nothing like that going on in Billy Monk's excellent photo series. It's too bad men have been bullied in to such knee-jerk reactions.

Anonymous said...

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