Monday, May 17, 2010

Sweet Sixteen

Street Photographer Tournament Second Round polling has closed. Here are the results:

1. (1) Garry Winogrand def. (8) Danny Lyon (121 votes - 11 votes)
2. (5) Alex Webb def. (4) Jacques Henri Lartigue (69-56)
3. (3) William Klein def. (11) Tom Wood (87-25)
4. (2) Lee Friedlander def. (7) Weegee (85-45)
5. (1) Henri Cartier-Bresson def. (8) Willy Ronis (108-17)
6. (4) Josef Koudelka def. (5) Rene Burri (98-21)
7. (3) Joel Meyerowitz def. (6) Saul Leiter (78-46)
8. (7) Daido Moriyama def. (2) Tony Ray-Jones (66-56)
9. (1) William Eggleston def. (9) Bruce Gilden (87-42)
10. (13) Constantine Manos def. (5) Henry Wessel (49-48)
11. (3) Andre Kertesz def. (11) Martin Parr (72-56)
12. (2) Diane Arbus def. (7) Tod Papageorge (73-55)
13. (1) Robert Frank def. (9) Bill Brandt (112-14)
14. (4) Robert Doisneau def. (5) Marc Riboud (69-47)
15. (3) Elliott Erwitt def. (6) Brassai (84-36)
16. (2) Helen Levitt def. (7) Roy DeCarava (95-21)

This past week's competition was a bit painful for me to follow, as I watched several personal favorites including Tom Wood, Tony Ray-Jones, and Henry Wessel go down in flames. Oh well. Here is the updated bracket as of this morning.

This is where things begin to get interesting, as some heavy hitters are paired against each other. For this round I've decided to eliminate seeding information from the pairings. Originally it was a carryover from March Madness, but I've come to think it isn't very useful and actually may have influenced voting patterns, which was not the intent. If you want to see the original seeding you can refer to the bracket, but otherwise you're on your own.

In raw numbers, voting dropped off during week two. E.g., Garry Winogrand got 215 votes in round one, but needed only 121 votes to win the second round handily. I'm not sure why there was a decrease. The internet likes new things, and maybe the poll has already become yesterday's story? Maybe it's the lack of advertising? In any case the good news for participants is that with less people voting, every vote now carries more weight.

Third Round polling is listed in the right sidebar. Sixty-four began. Sixteen remain. Who will survive another week? This round concludes Sunday, 5/23 at midnight PDT.


K. Praslowicz said...

Damn. My favorite picks have all been bumped. Guess I can put the T-shirts and foam fingers away till next season.

Anonymous said...

Wow, it's a tough call between R. Frank & R. Doisneau... as well as Erwitt & Levitt.

But i can't believe that W. Klein is losing over Friedlander... and Moriyama over Meyerowitz.

Zisis Kardianos said...

For me the most painful pairing in this round is H.C. Bresson against Koudelka.
I'm sorry Josef. I still love you.

Blake Andrews said...

If you think it's painful now, future pairings won't get any easier.

Anonymous said...

Bugger, Riboud's out

J. Karanka said...

I thought this round a bit easier than the previous. Faves out: Weegee, Tom Wood, etc. Klein still standing, which is good ;-)

Unknown said...

Meyerowitz vs. Bresson?!?!?! Oh God i'm going to die....