Monday, May 24, 2010

Elite Eight

Street Photographer Tournament Third Round polling has closed. Here are the results:

1. Garry Winogrand def. Alex Webb (133 votes - 45 votes)
2. Lee Friedlander def. William Klein (126-45)
3. Henri Cartier-Bresson def. Josef Koudelka (110-72)
4. Joel Meyerowitz def. Daido Moriyama (103-69)
5. William Eggleston def. Constantine Manos (131-40)
6. Andre Kertesz def. Diane Arbus (88-87)
7. Robert Frank def. Robert Doisneau (153-25)
8. Elliott Erwitt def. Helen Levitt (99-73)

Here's how the bracket looks this morning:

Fourth Round polling is listed in the right sidebar. Winogrand takes on Friedlander in a battle of content vs. form, it's b/w vs. color as Cartier-Bresson faces Meyerowitz, old school vs. new school in Eggleston vs. Kertesz, and finally Frank's frank lyricism challenges Erwitt's, er, wit. Who will emerge victorious?

This poll will last the normal week, ending 5/31, but due to travel plans I am not certain I'll be able to compile results in a timely fashion. Results and new polling should be posted early next week but they may take a few days so please be patient.


David Solomons said...

My original odds are looking very good:

Latest odds now:

Winogrand: Evens F
Eggleston: 6/4
Frank: 3/1
Cartier-Bresson: 9/2
Others: 20/1

Anonymous said...

Why not just make a bracket with Winogrand vs. HCB and Eggleston vs. Frank and save some time?

Rowan said...

I am really sorry to see Moriyama go. I was really holding out that he might make the semis, but I guess he never would have beaten HCB anyway.

Marilyn Andrews said...

Helen Levitt gone? My heard bleeds.
She should win. Are there any women out there tracking this blog?

Anonymous said...

it's getting fuckin' hard to vote now...

Ben said...

Let's stop now! I don't want to see any of them lose. I agree about Hellen Levitt and who the hell beat Walker Evens?!! This ain't basketball.

Winogrand's going to win it. He may be a better street photographer but Friedlander is the greatest straight photographer.