Monday, May 10, 2010

Round Two

Street Photographer Tournament First Round polling has closed. Here are the results:

1.(2) Lee Friedlander def. (15) Max Yavno (214 votes -16 votes)
2. (7) Weegee def. (10) Ralph Gibson (187-43)
3. (3) William Klein def. (14) Charles Traub (156-30)
4. (11) Tom Wood def. (6) Erich Salomon (80-56)
5. (4) J-H Lartigue def. (13) George Krause (153-35)
6. (5) Alex Webb def. (12) Mark Cohen (125-64)
7. (8) Danny Lyon def. (9) Mario Giacomelli (83-78)
8. (1) Garry Winogrand def. (16) Bruno Barbey (215-16)
9. (2) Tony-Ray-Jones def. (15) David Hurn 116-37)
10. (7) Daido Moriyama def. (10) Ray Metzker (118-64)
11. (3) Joel Meyerowitz def. (14) Fred Herzog (178-30)
12. (6) Saul Leiter def. (11) Carl de Keyzer (110-52)
13. (4) Josef Koudelka def. (13) Richard Kalvar (151-46)
14. (5) Rene Burri def. (12) Raymond Depardon (81-63)
15. (8) Willy Ronis def. (9) Alfred Eisenstaedt (87-73)
16. (1) Cartier-Bresson def. (16) Luigi Ghirri (194-26)
17. (2) Diane Arbus def. (15) Charles Harbutt (169-42)
18. (7) Tod Papageorge def. (10) Gilles Peress (96-71)
19. (3) Andre Kertesz def. (14) Mitch Epstein (123-63)
20. (11) Martin Parr def. (6) Bruce Davidson (104-103)
21. (13) Constantine Manos def. (4) Raghubir Singh (76-67)
22. (5) Henry Wessel def. (12) Louis Stettner (80-52)
23. (9) Bruce Gilden def. (8) Lisette Model (117-65)
24. (1) William Eggleston def. (16) Bill Dane (187-13)
25. (2) Helen Levitt def. (15) Vivian Maier (107-32)
26. (10) Roy DeCarava def. (7) Leonard Freed (83-53)
27. (3) Elliott Erwitt def. (14) Thomas Roma (160-26)
28. (6) Brassai def. (11) Louis Faurer (124-47)
29. (4) Robert Doisneau def. (13) Jeff Mermelstein (93-92)
30. (5) Marc Riboud def. (12) Sylvia Plachy (97-45)
31. (9) Bill Brandt def. (8) Edouard Boubat (110-49)
32. (1) Robert Frank def. (16) Burk Uzzle (197-4)

A few upsets, a few very close races, and half the photographers eliminated. Here is how the bracket looks this morning.

Second round pairings are listed in the right sidebar, featuring several intriguing matchups. Webb v. Lartigue? Weegee v. Friedlander? Ray-Jones v. Moriyama? Doisneau v. Riboud? As with last time, there are also some brutal death-traps. Er, sorry about that Lyon and Ronis. Should be interesting to follow.

Have fun voting. Polls conclude Sunday, 5/16 at midnight PDT.


John Gomez said...

I won't have any nails left by the end of this.

Come on Weegee!

Rowan said...

Bruce Davidson needs to demand a recount!

Moriyama FTW!

Bobby Abrahamson said...

yeah, I'm sad to see Model and Davidson out of the running. And it looks like Brassai might not make the next round. I wonder what are the credentials of some of the folks voting! yes, Weegee too, he's better than Friedlander -- at least when it comes to the heart of gutsy street shooting!!

Blake Andrews said...

Typo noted (Freidlander sp.) but I can't edit a poll in progress so it will just have to stay. Sorry Mr. Lee.

Frank Nachtman said...

I can't help but wonder if people with a middling knowledge of photographic history are voting more on "brand names" than your originally stated requirements.

Ben said...

Agree, Parr-Davidson tough matchup but unfortunately someone had to loose. Saw Subway show at Tate last week. I know everyone knows this but the prints are so much better than even the excellent reproductions in the book. (It was kind of weird seeing NYC pix and walking out on the balcony to see St. Pauls!) The comment about brand names is valid because as long as I have been around I must admit I'm not familiar with all the work.

Blake Andrews said...

Anyone with any qualification can vote however they want. If it works (usually) for democracies choosing governments, it should work here. In this case it may indeed result in a popularity contest but I've never pretended that this was anything else. It's a fun poll. It gives a sense of which photographers are appreciated. But I wouldn't read much into it beyond that.