Thursday, May 6, 2010


"...The sheer mass of images in Flickr currently makes it next to impossible to look for images in any kind of meaningful way (speaking from my perspective, if you’re looking for random photos of sunsets or kitties you’re golden)."

Joerg Colberg

Results of my Flickr search 5/6/10 for images of "random photos of sunsets or kitties":

Am I golden? Not sure yet.


thechrisproject said...

That sentiment of his frustrates me. That's like saying, "There are so many blogs, I can't find anything! If you're looking for teenagers talking about what they did last night, you're golden." No, you just have to learn to look a little harder. You have to actually be engaged in order to find good content there.

FongLong said...

at the end of the day the photographer's name is the one which will surface isn't it? Its like how Robert Frank saw it, he disliked having his photographs lumped in the 'category' and always insisted at great trouble personally to have his work labelled as the work of Robert Frank photographer.
i can imagine searching for 'american flag' or 'tuba player' looking for his work? :-)

Timothy Schenck said...

I read Joerg's blog and tumblr regularly and I think he is one of the bright shining lights of the photography blogosphere, but I honestly couldn't disagree more with his seemingly lazy and elitist statements regarding flickr. Flickr is what it is and I don't think anyone serious about photography takes it for more than it is worth. If you don't like using it, simply don't.

Michael Van der Tol said...

This was in the collection, but definitely on the fringe. Yet perhaps the most interesting.

Absolutely golden.