Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Someone might be gaining on you

Cafe, 1964, Dermot Goulding

There's an old saying in photography that if you don't find what you're looking for in a scene, you should take a look behind you and that's where the photo will be. I don't know if this diptych qualifies as a look behind (more like reversed) but that's what I thought of when I found it in Martin Harrison's book Young Meteors


Anonymous said...

Just got that book off ebay. Some great stuff in there. A couple of things by Tony Armstring Jones, or Snowden before he was Snowden that i liked as well.
Jon who can't remember his Blogger pasword. .

Blake Andrews said...

Name a great British post-war photographer Tony-(Fill in the blank) Jones. Hard to believe it but two answers will fit.

Anonymous said...

Ray! he da man ;-)


and it's Armstrong. . . typo. . .my bad.

Don't forget Jones Griffiths, only he wasn't a Tony