Monday, April 19, 2010


When I swapped photos with Dalton a few weeks ago he was kind enough to send along some expired HP5 with his print. It was a win-win situation. He couldn't use the film because it was the wrong format, plus expired. I'm less picky. I'll take any film. I've been using it with good results, and I when I make a nice print from one of its frames I will send it to him to repay the favor.

Would you trade this for a photograph?

This arrangement wasn't really planned but it gives me an idea. If anyone out there has film they want to get rid of you can send it to me. I will shoot the film, print my favorite picture from it, and send you the print. It's win-win. You get an exhibition quality mystery photo for virtually nothing. I get film, which to me is like lifeblood.

But this is more than just a business deal. I think there's something karmically charged about sending a roll out into the world, then waiting to see what finds its way back to you from that very roll. If you agree, mail a roll to Blake Andrews, 85528 Christensen Rd., Eugene, OR 97405. I'll get you a print within 3 weeks. If you have any specific requests for the film please include them and I will do my best to accommodate. Keep in mind I am not equipped to shoot underwater or in non-Pacific time zones.

I will accept 35 mm or 120, color or b/w, any speed, any expiration date.


Anonymous said...

hey blake, how about doing an each way swap? i'll send you a roll, you send me a roll, print each way. (my print will be an inkjet on hahnemuhle though)


Unknown said...

If you send prints also in Italy, think about my roll as on-the-way. :D

madanimator said...

time for rolls-rain to reduce volcanic ash effects;]

Blake Andrews said...

@Ben, that sounds slightly silly but fun. Email me your address and we'll commence.

@Marco, I'm going to restrict this to the U.S. for now. I may open it up to other countries after I see how the initial response shakes out.

@Madanimator, I don't follow you.

Unknown said...

A pity you restrict it to the U.S. only :-( . I'd go with benrobertsphotography proposal. Greetings from Germany, Carsten

Chriss Pagani said...

Oh, this is just too good to pass up. I'm going to mention it in a couple of other places, too ...but I'm afraid you're going to be swamped with film.

Jin said...

Even chromogenic B&W film?

Blake Andrews said...

Sure, any film is ok.