Sunday, February 8, 2009

What To Do? #14

40. My father, 1993

41. My father, 1999

42. My father, 2004

(What To Do? is a weekly installment of previously unpublished b/w photos from my archives)


Kevin J. Miyazaki said...

Love #42, Blake. Makes you feel like you're right there in the kitchen...

Anonymous said...

Hey Blake,

I'm giving away my first series postcards. If you (or anyone's) interested, just pass by

and follow instructions!

Cheers. Your work is amazing!

Blake Andrews said...

Thanks, Kevin and congrats on 20 x 200.

F, it's hard to tell from your link which photos will be sent out. Can you please clarify your site?

Anonymous said...

Hi Blake,

The whole set. aKa the three of them. Already clarified on the post.

Thanks for pointing that out.