Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Quiz #10

Today's challenge is to identify photographers from portraits of their immediate relatives. For example, if I showed you the photo below with the clue Wife

the correct answer would be Harry Callahan, since the photograph is of his wife Eleanor.

Below are twelve such photographs showing close family relatives of prominent photographers. I've chosen a mix of blood relatives (who might be identified by facial features) and relatives by marriage, and a mix of well-known images and lesser known ones. Many of them were taken by the photographers themselves, in which case I've cropped the photo to disguise their style. Some are by unknown sources.

As always, the first complete set of correct answers (or in the case of group contributions, the last clue correctly identified) wins a free print. Good luck.

1. Daughter

2. Sister

3. Brother

4. Father

5. Wife and daughter

6. Mother

7. Mother

8. Wife

9. Grandparents

10. Son-in-law

11. Father-in-law

12. Mother


Anonymous said...

11. Stephen Shore.
12. Larry Sultan.

Anonymous said...

#7-Annie Liebovitz....but what are the last 2 pixelated images??!!

Anonymous said...

6: David Hockney

Blake Andrews said...

All correct so far.

SR, the solutions to all the pixelated images from quiz #9 can be found in the comments section below the post

Justin Sainsbury said...

12: Somethings telling me- Mitch Epstein - but I cant find the pic in the book I thought..??

Anonymous said...

We're getting there:

2 Tina Barney
3 Philip Lorca di Corcia
5 Fazal Sheik?
6 David Hockney
7 Annie Liebovitz
8 Nicholas Nixon
11 Stephen Shore
12 Larry Sultan

Robert Ashby

Blake Andrews said...

Good job, Robert. That's seven and counting. Fazal Sheik is not correct for #5. The rest are right.