Thursday, March 14, 2013

The Pit

Doug Lowell dropped in on our Lightleak meeting last night, and I'm still thinking about something he said after looking at a small stack of my pictures: "Your photos are a total mindfuck." That's just about the most insightful feedback I've ever received. It gets straight to the heart of what I'm after photographically, but I hadn't quite realized it before or put it in those exact terms. So if you're reading this, thanks for the mindfuck, Doug! 

Naturally the question arises, in today's competitive photo world, is just being a mindfuck enough anymore? Everyone needs a good mindfuck every so often, but what about the emotional component? Without that, all those mindfucks fade into a string of one night stands. Well, I can't worry too much about that. I'm just out to mindfuck as many people as I can, and maybe something good will come of it.

Speaking of mindfuck pictures, and of Facebook threads warning photographers about the perils of giving away photos, I've got an extra print of this available:

The Pit, Eugene, 2009
If you have a U.S. address and I've never sent you a photo before, email me. First one gets it.

(Sorry, the print's been claimed.)


Vladimir said...

Hello, B. When will some of your prints fly to Europe ?

Blake Andrews said...

Sorry but for freebies it is too expensive to ship large prints overseas. It's nothing against non-Americans, just economic reality.

Ajay Malghan said...

The reason I enjoy your images is because I have to spent a considerable amount of time wondering what I'm looking at which leads to a million more questions inside my head.