Saturday, March 16, 2013

Cutting room floor

Ideas for rebranding film in photography's digital age: 

1. Oprah film-of-the-month club

2. 37 mm film offers 6% more surface area for the same price

3. Every cartridge is wired as an orgasmatron

4. Biodegradable cartridges

5. Secretly earmark $500 million film-purchase-to-nowhere into highway bill

6. Golden ticket placed into one lucky cartridge wins tour of Kodak factory

7. Bulk film is absorbent, odor free, and cheaper than standard kitty litter

8. When in doubt, remember sex sells anything


Jonathan Canlas said...

amazing. tweeted

John Stamos's Ghost said...

- Each film canister will now tweet a photo of itself to remind your digital friends that you're still using film.
- Every time you purchase a roll of Ilford film a small portion of the proceeds will be donated to a homeless shelter in Rochester NY.
- All film will be labeled as "positive" film going forward to combat the negative stereotypes surrounding this outdated technology.
- A random artist's statement will be generated for free when you scan the bar-code on Kodak Portra 400.
- MOMA will invite you for a three day intensive portfolio review after the purchase of any Fuji Instax product.

Blake Andrews said...

John Stamos's Ghost, you're hired!