Thursday, September 27, 2012

Dan Powell

Palisades State Park, Oregon, 1988, Dan Powell

I don't think this blog has many readers in Eugene (at least not compared to, say, Moldavia (*see comment)) but if there are any local readers out there, Dan Powell's current exhibit at the Knight Library is worth checking out. There are a few composite images but the bulk of the show is classic b/w landscapes like the one above. Most are natural scenes with a slight twist, like the intrusion of the parking lot above. All photos show a great sense of form and a wonderful eye for visual discrepancies and pattern shifts. The silver gelatin prints are fantastic, with beautiful tones. I think this is the best photo show currently on display in the Willamette Valley, and yes I've seen them all.

As usual the show has gotten zero press but Eugenians should know about it. But the exhibit ends in 3 days! Late notice, I know. Sorry. The photos are on the first floor of the library in the two foyers directly behind the check-out. Be sure to visit both sides. If you can't see the show (or even if you can) more info and photos by Powell are here


Chris said...

Eugene resident here. Thanks for the "heads up."

Anonymous said...

Moldavia...:) That's a good one. The country is actually called Moldova, Republic of...It was called Moldavia during Soviet Union. Yes, I follow your blog. Don't know if other photographers from Moldova are following it...Nice blog.